James R. Tramontana

The Dark Reaches

My creepy illustrated short story, "The Way," is the second story in this amazing horror anthology, produced by Rus Wooton (letterer of The Walking Dead, Invincible, Sex, East of West, Manhattan Projects, Black Science, Deadly Class, and many others).

From the mysterious and macabre to the gruesome and horrifying, The Dark Reaches is a collection of creepy tales that will inspire fear and make you think twice about turning off the lights. Writers and artists from across the country (and the Pacific) have come together to share their most unsettling stories of monsters, ghosts, and shadows lurking in the darkest reaches of the mind. With more than 75 pages of original comic stories and several other pages of illustrations (and maybe more!), The Dark Reaches: Volume 1 has a nightmare for you, no matter what your taste in horror might be.

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