James R. Tramontana

Music of Ace Tucker Space Trucker

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20 Songs. Pure musical awesomeness!

Contains songs not found anywhere else on the planet Earth!

Listen to a few samples of some choice cuts now.


Go Ace Tucker Go - Craterface
Boy in a Band - Jamie Suttle
You Bring the Thunder, I'll Bring the Lightning - Red Hot Rebellion
Betting Man - The Attack
They Don't Need to Know How the Sausage is Made - Fifty Dollar Famous
Party People - Prime Floridian
Islands - Summer Spiders
Built to Rock - Red Hot Rebellion
Battle Royale with Cheese - Red Hot Rebellion
Kids on Mars - Craterface
Flybye - Summer Spiders
Beaver Hunt - Craterface
Alright Alight - Red Hot Rebellion
Crushing It - Red Hot Rebellion
Let's Up the Punks in Swimming Trunks - Craterface
Renegades - The Attack
Riker's Beard - Red Hot Rebellion
Rockaway Beach - Red Hot Rebellion
We Built this City on Blood and Guts - Red Hot Rebellion
Vikings vs. Unicorns - Craterface

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