James R. Tramontana

Nerds, weirdos, and slackjaws unite! 24 Apr 2019

It's that time of year again! Springtime? Nope. Well, yes. But I'm talking about Comic Convention Season! When nerds come out of the woodwork to show off the hours spent all winter creating their Rick and Morty portal guns out of empty Windex bottles and duct tape.

This Saturday and Sunday I will be at Gem City Comic Con at the Dayton Convention Center in funny, sunny Dayton, Ohio. If you're nearby, you should come out!

Gem City is a great convention. Not just because I'm going to be there but because it is a great blend of comics, games, authors, filmmakers, podcasters, cosplayers, panelists, and more. It is small enough to be accessible (you can do the whole con in a day) and big enough to get totally lost in Nerdvana all weekend.

Speaking of panelists.
I'm doing a presentation on audio fiction!

Yup. In addition to me yelling at you as you walk by my booth in Artists Alley, the real attraction is an hour-long presentation at 1 PM THIS SATURDAY. "DIY Audio Fiction For Fun and (Who Knows, Maybe) Profit" will start with me exploring the wild and wacky world of audio fiction and end with a demo of how I make the stuff! Awwww yeah! Edu-ma-cation!

Come get your nerd on, support some amazing world-famous creators, and watch me ramble on about audio fiction.

Or don't. Whatever. Maybe you have better things to do this weekend. But you know where I'll be, so if you want to get some signed Ace Tucker stuff or yell at me for (spoiler)! Then, I'm your huckleberry.

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