James R. Tramontana

Lost in Mexico in 1842 27 Mar 2019

I just wanted to send you a quick little note to let you know there's a new free episode of Ace Tucker Space Trucker for your ears' enjoyment. This is part 1 of 2 and is, in my opinion, one of the funniest ones yet. You might disagree but you also might be drunk or high on glue fumes. I mean, hey, I don't hold it against you. You gotta have a hobby, right? You do you.

Anyway, click away and feast your psychoacoustic receptors on the majesty that is: EL CHUPACABRA!

In this amazing episode of Ace Tucker Space Trucker, April Massey and Hank the Basset Hound are on their own! That's right. It's a classic April and Hank mess around! When Ace and Ivan disappear it's up to April and Hank to track them down. But their investigation takes an unexpected turn when they seek out the evil and mysterious...CHUPACABRA!



  • Red Hot Rebellion
  • Creativity podcast - getting closer to becoming active
  • Vikings vs. Unicorns comic and game card


  • Ace Tucker Space Trucker role playing game
  • Ace Tucker Space Trucker: The Musical
  • Ace Tucker Space Trucker VINYL LP + COMIC BOOK subscription series (I need an awesome and reliable comic book artist to partner up with. Know one?)


Gem City Comic Con – April 27th & 28th 2019 - I will be doing a panel on DIY Audio Fiction. More info soon.

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