James R. Tramontana

The Subtle Art of Songwriting and Breaking Things 04 Jul 2018

We start out again by saying we have no agenda for the episode. Imagine that! Us not being prepared!

But then we decide to play all the new songs we’ve been working on.

After playing one song, we start talking about Couch Guitar Straps, Audio Technica headphones, and IKEA chairs and meatballs. Then we offend everyone in Scandinavia and all music stores, everywhere -- except Sweetwater, whom we love!

We also love Parts Express.

And, no, none of these companies are sponsors. Although we would love them to be. Shamelessly sponsor us, please.

We have a series of have serious technical problems that cause us to get completely slap happy. Shit keeps breaking and then the episode ends in a dramatic finish.

PS: Computers suck.

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