James R. Tramontana

How a Song Goes from Idea to Reality: Back To The Woodshed 27 Jun 2018

We go back to the woodshed and start working on a brand ass new song. This is a good example of taking different parts and slapping them together, seeing what works, what doesn’t, changing tempos, keys, etc. to make something out of nothing.

After a false start, we land on something that starts to sound like a song. And, for some reason, we decide to call the song, “Booyah.” We’re sure that name will not stick. In fact, spoiler alert, it does not. It changes by the middle of the episode to “The Most Dangerous Song.”

Then, of course, we get waaaay off track and start talking about semi-inappropriate stuff. Somehow, Doug is the one that brings us back on track. It’s a goshdarn Christmas miracle!

A framed picture falls off the wall and glass goes everywhere. We practice in a very, very dangerous place, hence the name of the new song. Jim has a meltdown about Andris’s notation techniques and the fact that there’s glass everywhere.

By the end of the episode, we have a complete arrangement for the brand new song, “The Most Dangerous Song.” Of course, we play it terribly. But you know what? This is practice. It will get better. And guess what, it does. Stay tuned.

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