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Despite All Doug's Rage, He Still Hates Headphones (Interview with MARK IGNOFFO!) 06 Jun 2018

We start this fine episode by reflecting on (and playing) the two new songs we have in the works. Doug talks about how he writes guitar solos and he confesses that he mostly improvises his solos until they are fixed into their final, recorded form.

We bust Doug’s balls about his poor microphone skills and how much he hates wearing headphones. Doug gets pissy, then talks about his lack of organization. Jim talks about how much he hates computers. Andris is also very, very awkward.

Next, we interview Mark Ignoffo, recording engineer to the stars. Mark got his start in Chicago and recorded some amazing bands, including a very young Smashing Pumpkins. He also played on a few Smashing Pumpkins songs that made it on their first album. And he recounts that Billy Corgan had the loudest amp he’s ever recorded.

Mark tells us tales from his storied career as a recording engineer/studio owner and especially gets all gleamy-eyed when talking about how he recorded several of Jim’s bands in Florida (and how awesome they all were).

Mark shares tips and tricks on songwriting and recording. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and write with variation in mind. Embrace pre-production!

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