James R. Tramontana

Is This Song Working? Sorry, I’m Very Fat and I Don't Look At My Hands 30 May 2018

We start out chitty chatting about nonsense then get down to work on two new songs: “Sweaty Betty” and “Holdin’ It Down.”

We play the songs a few times and chat about what’s working, what isn’t and then delve into sheer nonsense. Then, we realize we’re all idiots and the name of the show makes a lot of sense.

Jim has trouble remembering his parts, as usual. And accidentally identifies this episode as episode 7. It’s not. It’s episode 8 (or 9 if you count episode zero as episode 1...nevermind).

Doug accidentally spits out some music theory and amazes us all.

Andris keeps talking about how fat he is but he is far from the fattest member of the Red Hot Rebellion.

Progress is being made. The new song we started in a previous episode gets morphed into a waaaay better form and a much better song called “Holdin’ It Down.” Seeds of a vocal chorus are planted in this episode that eventually will pay off BIG TIME in a future episode. Hold on to your nuts!

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