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Preproduction and Recording Tips from World Famous Producer, JOHN FRYER! 16 May 2018

“Who’s the idiot and who’s got the instruments?”

-John Fryer

In this episode, we interview the world-famous producer, John Fryer and ask him how we can possibly make songs one tenth as good as the ones he’s helped create.

John is most well known for his production work for bands like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, White Zombie, Cocteau Twins, Jesus Jones, Love and Rockets, Stabbing Westward and his own music projects This Mortal Coil, Dark Drive Clinic and Black Need Noise.

We ask for pre-production tips and learn that its different for every band, so we’re not necessarily doing it wrong.

We gain a glimmer of insight into what it takes to be a music producer by recounting some tells of revelry with John.

Then John blows our goddamn minds by asking why we are not working with him. At first, we think he’s kidding but he swears he’s not. So, we guess we are going to be doing something with John Fryer on this new album! Minds. Blown.




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