James R. Tramontana

Tips for Playing Live: A Sack of Wet Hair Being Hit with a Rusty Hammer 09 May 2018

We have an arrangement for another new song that we're tentatively calling, "All Teef (F the F)."

Jim forgot his "order up" bell but magically some bell-like sound effects show up anyway.

Some advice for the studio and live environment are shared. When you tune your instrument, MUTE YOUR INSTRUMENT. No one wants to hear that stuff. It's a sign of an amateur. Don't do it. It makes everyone crazy. And at a show, don't noodle on your ax. It's dumb.

We also share a few tips for playing when you're overweight. Cuz, ya know. Some of us in the band could use droppin' a few pounds. Not Doug. That fucker is skinny as a coal miner.

Andris talks about his in-ear monitors and his new personal cooling unit, also known as a fan. It's really, really cool. Get it?

We talk about some of our current influences and how the music you love can work its way into your songwriting adventures.

The working title of the new album is now, "$3000 Puzzle Hunt Freak Out." We're sure we will change our minds later.

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