James R. Tramontana

When You Record, Keep an Open Mind: Interview with Producer, CHRIS SUTTLE 25 Apr 2018

On this exciting episode, we welcome our first guest, producer, engineer and damn fine human being, Chris Suttle.

Chris talks about how he got his start in recording as well as the importance of working with a producer or engineer that fits with the bands' personality. We all give some "what not to do" tips for the studio.

Chris's biggest tip for recording: come with an open mind. You don't know everything. Be open to there being more than one way of doing things. And also work out the business-y stuff ahead of time.

We also change the name of the new song we're working on. Then we all realize we are actually in a pre-production meeting and take the time to talk to our producer, Chris Suttle, about the new album.

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