James R. Tramontana


I'm James R. Tramontana. Most people call me Jim. Some people call me Funny Pants. I'm not picky. I'm a writer, a rocker, a podcaster, a nerd and a nice guy. This website is my "author site," where some of the cool stuff I've made can be found and fondled.

Here's how you pronounce my last name:

It's like riding a TRAM in MONTANA. You smack those two words together and your get, "Tramontana." But my family rushes our pronunciation and sometimes the "o" sound more like an "eh" sound. Like, "Tram-EN-tana."

Just remember it's like riding a TRAM in MONTANA and you gotta smush that "M" between the two. Make sense?

Here are a few things I'm known for:

Some Notable Achievements:

  • I have licensed dozens of songs for use in film, TV, video games
  • At age four, I wrote my first song called, "Cheddar Cheese"
  • I have won
    • A ghost chili eating contest
    • A fight with an entire toga party
    • A mime competition
  • I once was almost stabbed by a friend for treating Monopoly like a role playing game
  • I hold a Master of Arts in Mass Media Communication from the University of Central Florida (and I'm still not sure how I pulled it off...)
  • I have five entire drawers full of socks

I have a publishing company called Solid Arts and Science.

I publish music and words. Here's a playlist of the songs from my publishing company.

The Ace Tucker Space Trucker NOVEL is now worldwide! Ask for it where fines books are sold.

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