James R. Tramontana

Idiots With Instruments!

Posted 25 May 2018

There's a new number one podcast out there and it's called IDIOTS WITH INSTRUMENTS!

What's Idiots With Instruments you ask? Glad you asked.

Idiots With Instruments

is the show that follows Red Hot Rebellion as we write and record our third studio album from start to finish. Come along with us as we go from simple guitar riffs and chord progressions to finished, polished, and awesome hard-rockin' anthems.

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Who are we? And why should you care?

Good question. We're not sure but, we've been playing music collectively for decades. Our songs have been used in dozens of TV shows and movies. We've played concerts all over the world. We're super nice guys. That sounds pretty cool, right?

But, we're still idiots and really have no idea what we're doing.

Although we have all this experience writing, recording, and performing music we're still far from experts. We do have a lot to SHARE but we still have a lot to LEARN too.

What to expect

This show is an insider peek into our wacky process of creating music as well as a resource for others who are doing it, aspiring to do it, and/or are curious about doing it. Each episode is filled with anecdotes, tips, and witty banter. Sometimes we interview working musicians who are waaaaay more successful than us.

We'll also be writing music too (don't worry -- we edit the show down so you don't have to hear us literally play the same four chords for ten minutes straight).

So, if you've ever wondered how a band goes from ideas to art, this might be the show for you. Or not...We're not sure. We're literally just three idiots with instruments.

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